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Originally Posted by X3paul View Post
Bmw doesnt know who they are selling what hence the constant changes in design. Heck my previous f25 x3 was getting interior upgrades after 2 months! And I bought it new in 2011 so the car was out for 6m and allready bmw was doing a "mini lci to the interior)! Yes the worlds economy changes fast - this week out of the blue the swiss franc jumped 20% over € and $ and then traditional high selling markets changed too and bmw - maybe other manufact too - are all over the place. The feeling I get is that bmw has been chasing audi and the vw group (because they need to?) (going fwd design similar between all cars etc )and forgot what the brand is all about. So blame it on the world or on the managment and design team? My money is in the big boys in munich.

That said the lci improves over the original design - thank to us I would like to think despite scott saying he and his buddies laugh at our reactions to the design but the truth is that bmw doesnt seem to find our opinios very amusing and changes things we point out just look at the bmw i8 cant sell enough but bmw just introduced a mini lci to the interior this week to correct things I posted here in bimmerpost and told my dealer when he brought an i8 to my house for a test drive and i pointed out to him some of the plastics in it were worse than i rental renaul clio I drove in Milan
I agree, the i8 interior is very cheap for the cost of the car. Secondly, the rubber looks wrinkled and silly, I would not pay that money for that interior.
I would gladly work with BMW team to show them what they need to do to succeed; many times they just go over litle things that cost nothing but will improve everything. They definetely need a keen eye for detail.

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