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Originally Posted by aajami View Post
...But I would always choose a lower specced car with a better engine over a higher specced car with a lesser engine...
I do the same, but then I prefer to spend my money on the car, not the gizmos. Regardless of whether I bought a 128 or 135. That said, I suspect the poster potentially pondering buyer's remorse knows well whether s/he has more opportunity to enjoy the gizmos/appointments vs the added speed -- because the handling isn't really different -- of the 135.

BTW, someone above mentioned that the car is just butt ugly. I cannot help but wonder if folks who would buy a hot hatchback would feel that way? I don't think they would call it butt ugly. And nobody buys a hatchback with delusions of it being as sexy as a coupe, although I'm not sure if that was what the "it's ugly" poster was implying.

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