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Originally Posted by AusF20 View Post
OK guys, you should also consider that many hydrocarbon based paints and particulary clearcoats when exposed to harsh conditons of either cold or heat (hot here) will deteriorate within 5 years.

The type of polymer based paint BMW, Porsche, Audi etc use are designed for these extremes, and the surface is more resistant to web and abrasion, so when your 1er is that age it will still look as it does today, the Kia will not.
All the eu car manufacturers has the same oem paint suppliers (basf, dupont, ppg + some minor small ones). So if your Kia is produced in eu (SK, CZ) then it gets the moreless same material as F20. The only difference is in application process.

The other thing is if you have car that comes from Asia, because it's painted with coating produced there (Nippon, Kansai, DBC, ...). And because all coatings are tested, then the asian coatings are better adjusted for environmental conditions there (more acid rain because of air polution, higher temperatures, different insect, etc...). Also, asia has more free eco conditions for coatings and application.

So, then could happen, that your new Kia or Lexus looks little better when new then your new F20, but during the next 3 years it will be equal or even worse (because of cracking at very low temperatures, because of poor resistance against eu insect and many other factors).

But this discussion is pointless, because 99% of users will destroy coating on their new car with incorrect maintanance