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Originally Posted by Dr.Sommer View Post
It just reminds a bit of convincing meat lovers to live vegeterian.

BMW's never have been the most practical cars and it did not matter but added to their sharp brand image - being authentic.
The addition of FWD to the BMW lineup won't change a thing in my opinion. They'll still be fun-to-drive cars and they'll still be predominantly RWD.

Only the really small compact BMWs will employ FWD out of a practical and competitive necessity. The enthusiasts will moan, the majority of customers will see the benefits.

I'm going to pull some numbers out of thin air now and say that 95% of BMW purchasers are "customers" and the other 5% are "enthusiasts". You're a business and businesses are here to make a profit. Who are you going to target? The many customers, or the few enthusiasts? In order to remain in business and build some special cars for the enthusiasts, BMW has to give in somewhere and build cars that their customers, not their enthusiasts, want.

The addition of forced-induction to the BMW engine lineup has not deterred people from buying them. Sure, some enthusiasts moan and complain but what are they driving right now? A 135i or a 335i etc.
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