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Originally Posted by mkoesel View Post
I am not sure I fully understand your points, but I would say that the fact that M vehicles are now pushing limits (like the X6 M - an M SUV, an AWD M, previously blasphemy) successfully means that the door is wide open for further exploration.
Couple that with the fact that there are plenty of small, FWD performance cars that get world renowned praise (even cars like a Civic Type R, or Ford Focus RS) means there are plenty of customers for BMW to sell to. You take the compelling story of the M brand and present something to this arms-and-minds-wide-open customer base and its not so hard to build a business case anymore.
Already a "normal" BMW is high above such cars like Civic Type R, Ford Focus RS and similar; those cars were once seen in Europe as something for a swaggerer.
Once, today they have no importance here. A kid from a medium class family would laugh at the car and even more at the driver. You must understand, there is a huge difference between mentality and habits in USA and Old countries.

BMW M cars should be refined and brutal (sort of Aston Martin from BMW).
Frankly, I was not interested in this M story some time back; therefore I cannot tell you where are the things going.

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