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Originally Posted by ovekvam View Post
Wouldn't the use of bump stops make the handling less consistant and predictable? I think it would be better to tune the cornering balance by modifying the rear swaybar.
From my previous experiment with trying different bump stops (length and hardness), they do change the overall behavior and tendency, but do not cause the behavior to be inconsistent or unpredictable.

According to Shaikh, the combined choice of coil spring frequency (flat ride), and sway bars is the first step, which I had done previously before installing the FCM-tuned dampers. Then the FCM dampers is the second step. The packers for the rear dampers are for the third step fine-tuning. Adding packers to make the rear bump stops engage earlier will shift the behavior more towards oversteer.

Right now, without any packers, when pushed to the very limit, I find the behavior to be slightly more towards the understeer side, that's why I will be adding a pair of packers at a time (from nothing to 3 pairs, so 4 fine-tuning settings), to see which I like better~