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Just had my first week of daily commute driving, and am excited to provide how I am finding the dampers so far:
  • The first thing I noticed is that they definitely ride more comfortably than my BMW stock (Non-M) dampers. It is interesting that they provide me with much more road condition feedback (I sense more of how the road conditions are), yet I feel less impact. It's like: "I sense it, but my body doesn't feel it."
  • There is much more support (less initial roll) at turn-in, giving me more confident turn-in steering feel, but the turning handling is totally different from the rigid stiff feeling you get from most aftermarket sport suspensions. It feels like when I turn in slow, it feels comfortable almost like the stock feeling, but better handling; while when I turn in fast, the quick response feels even faster than any of the sport suspensions I have tried before, yet still maintains a casual & comfortable feel.
  • For the front 1:1 compression and damping ratio, which provides a non-jacking setup, I can tell that there is pretty much no nose-dive or any of those "dipping feel" when you suddenly drive over a deep potholes, or a downward slope. This is even more prominent when doing a fast cornering, and running over road joints or very uneven surface mid-corner; the car feels so composed from turn-in to exit, and tires feel planted and undisturbed running through those surfaces.
  • They give me a false sense of speed from these dampers. I would go faster and faster because my body just doesn't feel that the car is going that fast, so now I need to be careful checking my speed before speed cameras
  • Got the chance to test a little bit of these two big turns on my daily commute (when there is no other car), and for the bigger turn, my previous stock dampers (with upgraded stabilizer bars) allowed me to take that turn at about 100km/hr, and just the other day I was pushing through that turn and was at 120km/hr at corner-exit, yet I could tell that the car could go faster still (just need to slowly get used to how fast my car can take corners now)
  • So far I have only driven to work and back, with one detour to my parents', so I also got to test the ripple reducer (their basement parking has all the slopes made like washboards... and like I described in the first point: The car still got the high-frequency jerking, and I could "sense" the overall movement, but my body didn't get the impact from that jerking at all.

Haven't got a chance to do touge testing, will update in the future~