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I am not using 15mm, it is just what I would prefer if I was to do modifications. Going from 13mm to 15mm sounds like a mild upgrade, but as the table indicates, it is a very significant change in stiffness. It does make the suspension less independent, and you can feel the difference in comfort if you hit a bump with the outside wheels in a corner.

The reason he recommends smaller changes to the rear swaybar on RWD cars, is that it affects traction. The 118i does however have a rather moderate power output, and lots of traction, so I don't see it as a problem to sacrifice some traction for more front end bite.

If you have higher power, it makes sense to install a limited slip differential when going for a stiffer rear swaybar.

On one of my previous cars, an E36 323ti, I installed Bilstein PSS coilovers. That made the suspension a lot stiffer, and reduced the body roll more than enough for my taste. There was however still some understeer. Since the car was rather stiff, I fixed the understeer issue by going to a softer (316i) front swaybar. After that, the balance was spot on.