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Anti-Roll Bar

This video was one of the few videos that especially caught my attention when I was trying to learn more about suspension. This anti-roll bar concept, and the bump stops concept were what made me found that Shaikh really knew his stuff and that was why I started trying to get into understanding his other more profound concepts:

The basic idea is, while anti-roll bar stabilizes the car and reduces rolling, it also reduces mechanical grip.

I actually tried to prove this concept by removing one of the link between the bar and the suspension of my car, causing the bar to be disabled, and to my surprise the grip really increased by an amazing margin!

BUT, if you watched the video, and also read the comments (his reply to SG ///), you would notice that Shaikh also explained that running without an anti-roll bar may compromise flat ride, so he "tried his best to to keep at least some Flat Ride in the spring rate choice, then used as little sway bar as required".

In another video of his:

He also explained that for a RWD (rear-wheel drive), usually he would upgrade the front bar, but not the rear, or only upgrade the rear by a small margin.

Before I used the 15mm rear bar, I actually gave 19mm a try (note my stock is 13mm), and while the rolling was less, the rear tyres lost so much grip that even when driving under Comfort mode, going up-hill, my rear tyres kept slipping at corner exit...

Now with 15mm, I have reduced roll, but my rear tyres have enough grip to allow me to get on the throttle earlier on corner exit

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