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Just had a detailed discussion with Shaikh on how I want the car to feel like on Friday, and while Shaikh is working on revalving the dampers, I figured it might be a good idea to share with you what I have done so far in working towards achieving my dream suspension setup.

For those of you who have driven the F20 with stock suspension, you might have noticed that the stock suspension, while quite comfortable in the aspect of soaking up big bumps and potholes, the handling feels loose with quite a lot of roll, and on freeway, it feels "floaty".

Before I applied for the actual FCM Elite revalving, I had a preliminary consultation with Shaikh, and basically I told him that I was saving up for the FCM Elite, but would like to do some preliminary setup on my car before-hand.

Shaikh had this spreadsheet that he made to calculate how different setups of springs, anti-roll bars, and bump stops would affect many of the aspects affecting how the car behaved and handled.

P.S. He's currently fine-tuning and finalizing the spreadsheet for the F20 and would release it to share with you when it's done.

So, based on my intended use of my car and my car specs, Shaikh recommended me to do the following:

- Upgrade my OE front anti-roll bar from 24mm to 28mm
- Upgrade my OE rear anti-roll bar from 13mm to 15mm
- Trim a portion of my front suspension bump stops off from the stiffer end

After the above initial tuning, my car currently:
- maintains "flat ride" (front spring frequency slightly slower than the rear spring frequency),
- has much less roll, and
- very neutral even when pushed hard

To keep the posts shorter, I will explain each of the three aspects in subsequent posts