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Retrofit HU_ENTRY - HU_NBT_EVO (F20)


I am doing a retrofit HU_ENTRY to HU_NBT_EVO on my F20 from 01/2012.

I bought all the necessary equipment to realize this retrofit but unfortunately I have an error while programming the ECU (HU_NBT2) with Esys.

Here is the error:

[HU_NBT2 - 63 - cafd_00001ef6-006_020_007] Transaction type: cdDeploy; Message: TA started
MCDDiagService<id=62649,, service=WDBI_PLAIN - WriteDataByIdentifier with unlimited Data-ID (plain hex value), description=error: negative response : requestOutOfRange, link=HU_NBT2_63_ETHERNET>
[HU_NBT2 - 63 - cafd_00001ef6-006_020_007] Transaction type: cdDeploy; Message: TA finished
[HU_NBT2 - 63] There was an error during TAL execution, please check the log files.
[HU_NBT2 - 63] - [Exception - HU_NBT2 - 63] job failed with negative response error:
code: service returned global negative response
description: Service WDBI_PLAIN returned a negative response with response code requestOutOfRange; LinkName: HU_NBT2_63_ETHERNET
severity: ERROR

Do you know why I have this error?

For information in the FA (VO) I have:

1) remove 663
2) add 609
3) change 6NH to 6NS

I also change the production date of the car from "1111" to "1116".

Thank you in advance for any help.

Best regards, Hugo