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I don't have as much knowledge about this as you do so I can't say for sure. When the company who sold me the new unit asked me whether it was CIC or NBT I simply send them pictures showing the meny's and stuff. They stated it was CIC. The unit is for the CIC system (as it said on the reciept, the box and the harness), even though it can emulate the newest GUI bmw has if you want. Pretty cool.
It's not important to me what I had, as long as the result is like it is :-)
My remark wasn't for you as you have it already. It was for those who know they don't have CIC or don't really think so (have Radio BMW Professional instead) and still would love it: your vendor's interface choice appears incorrectly defined, that's my point. (And I neither know much or care a bit. Just an observation. )
Ok, I see... I'm still not sure I follow you but that's probably on my part :-)