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Originally Posted by No one View Post
So it's not a CIC actually: at least BMW does not recognize it as such (this unit, CIC).
I don't have as much knowledge about this as you do so I can't say for sure. When the company who sold me the new unit asked me whether it was CIC or NBT I simply send them pictures showing the meny's and stuff. They stated it was CIC. The unit is for the CIC system (as it said on the reciept, the box and the harness), even though it can emulate the newest GUI bmw has if you want. Pretty cool.
It's not important to me what I had, as long as the result is like it is :-)

Originally Posted by lt.Gruber View Post
Can You make a some pictures how the DAB+ app looks like? Ohh and Spotify as well. Can You use steering wheel buttons to switch songs and radio stations?
Sure mate, I can take som photos later... etter middag :-)
Yes all the buttons on the steering wheel and the center console work. Skip songs in Spotify, volume, go to next station, start navi etc... but to access your playlists when Spotify is on and settings and stuff you will have to use the touchscreen.
The DAB+ app is developed by Graviton and works fairly well. There's an update out that I will try, but I'm waiting for the 4G USB modem that they didn't send.
Google maps too works extremely well. You will have to use the touch screen here too. It works really well with the touchscreen. As I said somewhere above, I'm used to the touchscreen from other cars we have, no biggie...

On a sidenote; Graviton supplies no installation instructions or setup info. Nada!! That's a major letdown I think, and I have been searching the internet feveresly since I got the unit because there's a lot of settings you have to do to get everything working.

I still haven't been able to get access to the old car info meny (idrive) but I'm pretty sure it has something to do with the settings. Will call them tomorrow.

Bluetooth was a pain to get to work until I accendently found a meny hidden well within the system. Works like a charm now and connect to phones automatically as you'd expect. Streams content from your phone and shows music info and some album art.. not all.

There was also an 2 meter long AUX cable in the supplied harness. I initially thought it was for an extra AUX option and routed it to the glove box together with the DAB+ antenna (via USB) and the GPS antenna. The GPS antenna can be left inside the dashboard but I wanted it visible for better connection and I placed on top of the dashboard at the bottom of the A pillar.
Anyways, as I found out the AUX cable were supposed to be plugged in the car, under the armrest. So today I took out everything again, including the almost all of the centerconsole, ashtray, gearlever trim, iDrive etc... and was able to snug it in there for the stealthy installation a system like this requires (I think).

The DAB reception was rather poor and since I placed the antenna in the upper part of the windshield, I had to remove the A pillar trim once more and I then carefully removed/pryed the adhesive copper part of the antenna and scratched/sanded away all paint from the small area of the steel inner part of the A pillar to which I had glued the antenna too... Bummer rookie mistake, but it was my first time installing DAB. Now there's super reception and no fall-outs!

So not a system for everybody installation wise, but really not that hard either. 3-4 hours of hours though and the system is installed and fully working (if you know all the steps and settings).