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Hi guys.

I Installed the 10,25 unit today. Somewhat of a hazzle but all in all relatively easy.
The Dab antenna was the worst actually as I had to route it above the glove box and up through and behind the A pillar trim. But I got it eventually.
Installment of the screen was a little fiddly because the wire harness that came with the system was equipped with a fuse box located very close to the screen connecting switch. It was a bitch to get that tucked in so that the climate vents could be installed again...
Anyways it done now.

First impressions are unbelievable. The new screen is gigantic compared to the 6,5 inch old screen. The menys look oem and everything is very smooth. The sound improved a lot and sounds much better than the oe setup.

Nearly all functions can be operated with the iDrive, and steering wheel buttons. But for Navigation you have to usentge touch screen when you put in adresses and such.

The Dab+ app can be used with both iDrive and touch...

I haven't been through everything yet and I'm not familiar with Android so it might take me some adjusting and fiddling around.

All in all a superb upgrade. Truly...
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