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Originally Posted by lt.Gruber View Post
iDrive works only with original CIC menu. If go to android apps you have to relay on a touch screen. It's not showing any navi info on your extended display in instrument cluster.
Then you install it in Your car, please make a video how it works with DAB+ and spotify.
I understand, well we'll see how it is :-)

If it is like you say, I don't see that much of a problem really. In my wife's VW Golf for instance there's also a touchscreen and it works just fine. Easy to get used too. A good thing about the screen in the F20 is that it is very easy to reach.
For everyday use I'll get good use of DAB and Spotify :-)
Since sound is important to me I ordered a Focal upgrade kit with tweeters and all too. The TX6 has a much, much better stereo with more powerful amps and better processing and will be better equipped than the base stereo system and maybe even the upgraded F20 systems ;-)

And when Google Maps or other internet based apps are being used, well I have to touch the screen :-) No biggie :-)

Thx for chipping in...