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Originally Posted by No one View Post
What would you plug it in to play? Follow your link again to see: "BMW Interface: NBT" (no CIC for F20). Here is a thread for you:

Let me put it simply: you need to have what BMW call "Navigation system Professional" (refer to F20 configurator/booklet for correct details) to add this thing (which still needs an external phone/modem to use Internet!) to. It gives you a larger display (really trouble-free compatible? ) and (mostly?) duplicate functionality (BMW should feel ashamed ).
Thanx mate, Yeah I was thinking Super Mario and Donkey Kong

I believe I have CIC at least according to this link The vendor confirmed. I have the same menys, and colors and the square meny "buttons" on top of the screen. The link is not for an F20 but the difference between CIC and NBT should be the same across all BMW series? When you order the headunit you choose if you have CIC or NBT...

The Graviton/TX6 unit is also optional with a 4G USB Modem for internet.