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Hey guys, I had this problem a year ago, the dealer here in uk tried to play the same game that "it's normal" or they can't find anything wrong with it. After monts of taking it back to them explaining that the steering is broken, finally changed the steering rack and the car was excellent. TILL after about 3 months of replacing it, very slightly the simptoms started to get nociced again.. but ofcource they couldn't identify and problem. in the mean time warranty expire and tryed to ignore the problem. But now the steering problem got to a bad stage again.

What can I do? I could go back to dealer to say that the problem started during warranty so they need to fix it free of charge. Or if I replace the steering rack on my own expence at a independent service(would be much cheaper) the thing would be that I don't want to change the rack every 6 months or so because there is a design fault, Is there a permanent fix to it?