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Post Experiencing the thrilling Giau Pass in South Tyrol

In the early september days some 1Addicts members toured in South Tyrol and experienced the thrilling Giau Pass in South Tyrol.

Though not as famous as the Sella Pass, the Stelvio Pass or the Grossglockner High Alpine Road it's one of the most enjoyable and challenging alpine passes for the driver and the (car) material in South Tyrol.

With its 1629 height meters on 27 km of distance and 55 hairpins and the relatively low traffic it provides a fantastic experience.

It was voted in the Top 10 of the Italian Premium Passes and even Top 1 on and so is no longer a secret spy. In the motor cycle community it beats the famous Sella Pass to 2nd place. That's a word!

It was the second day of the 1Addicts Sella 3.0 tour, the so called "Big trip to Heaven and back" by Luc (aka Artemis)

You can watch some 1st day footage taken on the famous Grossglockner High Alpine Road here: Driving the Grossglockner High Alpine Road with BMW Enthusiasts

The participants drove their BMW M4, BMW M2, several BMW 1Ms, several BMW 135is, BMW M135i, BMW Z1, BMW Z4, Jaguar F-Type S and BMW 118i.

The route let from Cortina dAmpezzo over the Giau Pass to Selva di Cadore. The 27 kilometers take place between Pocl in the north and Caprile in the south.

The north 10,7 km ramp leds up over 780 height meters through 26 tight hairpins mostly through wood. But the last kilometers provide one of the most beautiful views of the Alps.

The south ramp over 849 height meters on 9,5 km of distance through 29 haipins is the culmination for the alpine road enthusiast.

Words simply cant provide the thrill of the drive moving images do much better showing the fun and thrill of the action. So sit back and enjoy the videos

The following overview gives you a quick orientation.

The uphill part of the ride starts in Cortina dAmpezzo located in the Valle del Boite (South-Tyrol) heading to Selva di Cadore with hard accelerations, tight hairpins and some nice engine sounds. Filmed with 2 cams.
Start at 1548m.a.s.l.
Summit Point: 2236m.a.s.l.

The downhill part starts at the Giau Pass hight. The crew rushes downhill in direction to Selva di Cadore. The filming BMW M135i follows closely a BMW 1M and a Jaguar F-Type S. The track is packed with Blitzers not easy to handle??
Start (Summit Point) at 2236m.a.s.l.
Destination (near Selva di Cadore): 1366m.a.s.l

Thanks for watching!

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