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I'm doing a project simular to yourself.

After reading how many cars are been stolen with the keys (or by force) i figured, in the event this happens wouldn't it be nice if the car cut out in say 2 minutes unless a secret trigger was activated before hand (secret switch etc).

I've a working trigger circuit just having difficulty finding the correct fuse to link into to kill the car.

Mines an F22 m235i though the fuse numbers are the same as you mentioned.

When you removed the fuses did you leave them out for a few seconds. The reason being is the car has an electrical fuel pump (low pressure) which feeds the mechanical fuel pump (high pressure). The engine would still run until its consumed all fuel in the mechanical pump at which point it would run dry. Restarting may be delayed as the mechanical pump would have to prime its self.

I'd be interested to here peoples opinions on this and any other ideas they may have in disabling the engine.