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Originally Posted by ttimbo View Post
If you've done one of BMW's M Experience drive days, which includes not just driving M cars on race tracks very energetically but also wet motorkhana and wet handling/braking manouvres, you get a great appreciation of what those electronic aids do (and do NOT do). I found an M4 was almost undrivable on a tight wet motorkhana course with DSC/DTC off (the high torque hit at relatively low revs makes throttle modulation really tricky)
Interesting - last time I did the full fat M day it was in E92s. They were awesome with everything off, really fluid and easy to drive hard using the throttle. The wet skidpan circles took a bit of practice for a novice like me but the old V8 M3 was certainly not snappy.

When I drove the M4 and M2 recently, they were set by BMW to Sport so moved around a bit and made you feel like a hero but certainly the M4's DTC light did flash now and then.

I often drive with DTC off. I'm suprised at how much more transparent the feedback through the chassis is and how much better the traction, both launching and out of corners. In the dry, it's great fun, and does function as a slightly cumbersome LSD. In the wet, on public roads, and at high speeds, DTC is firmly on.
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