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Originally Posted by ovekvam
Originally Posted by Darkiedm4 View Post
But where is the fun in all the electronics helping you? Yes its more safe but also boring.
I agree. For track driving (which is mostly for entertainment), the DSC is left off. But for public roads, safety has higher priority than entertainment.

And I have to say that the electronic differential brake feature that kicks in when DSC if disabled, adds to the fun. I kind of like the automatic rev matching as well, along with ABS brakes. Some of the electronic aids are nice!
If you've done one of BMW's M Experience drive days, which includes not just driving M cars on race tracks very energetically but also wet motorkhana and wet handling/braking manouvres, you get a great appreciation of what those electronic aids do (and do NOT do). I found an M4 was almost undrivable on a tight wet motorkhana course with DSC/DTC off (the high torque hit at relatively low revs makes throttle modulation really tricky)
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