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Originally Posted by pacoluca View Post
a couple of weeks!! you are so lucky, I still need to wait my 125i M sport to arrive in late Sept or early Oct. Are you getting the July-produced/ revised priced model?
No, unfortunately I ordered mine just before the change to the prices/specifications were announced. However, I have compared with the spec that I have ordered and the only thing that I'll be missing out on is the launch control. Although where previously I thought I was getting a bargain i.e. sport auto, nav etc practically thrown in for free, it's a bit disappointing to realise that the "good deal" that I had initially negotiated back in April just simply puts me in line with the current price - perhaps I'm still a couple of K better than the standard price, but originally thought I was getting close to $8K off the price! Might have to have a chat with the dealer about this.