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Originally Posted by Cortexiphan View Post
I keep getting these artciles from C&D on my feed:

- “best mid-size luxury sedans”
- “best full-size luxury sedans”
- and so on

These articles consistently put BMW behind almost every other car on the list. All of the Hyundais, Kias, Benz, Audis, Jaguars, and pretty much every other car being compared have some positive comments, but not the BMWs. Yet, at the same time, they use pictures of the BMWs to accompany the article. For instance, in the “best mid-size luxury sedans” article, the featured picture is a 7 Series, for the “best full-size luxury sedans” article they use a 5 Series, and for “the best compact luxury sedans” story it is a 3 Series.

I am biased, I love BMW. Still, isn’t this a little odd especially considering every other publication would put BMW on top, or in 2nd, or maybe rarely in 3rd place? And why do they feature BMW pictures for all of these articles? Is there an issue between BMW and C&D? It’s weird, because generally I wouldn’t think a publication would be in such a war with an important brand.
This is your Facebook feed?