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Thanks for posting this addendum, SCOTT. south, can you add this info to the OP?

This strategy makes a lot more sense than having a FWD Z2 with the only RWD alternateive being a much larger Z4. I really like the looks of that Z3 render you posted. That is amazing.

So then, it could end up being:

Z3: F2x-based
Z5: F3x-based

IOW, for the RWD roadsters, the platform is one size smaller than you'd guess it might be from the name. I can accept that, I suppose. The only thing that does not makes sense is moving the roadsters back to odd numbers just as you are finally getting all the 4 seat coupes and convertibles to the even numbers. Oh well.

Originally Posted by SCOTT26 View Post
The Z2 is a smaller concept now than before , now it is using the more compact modular UKL Platform.
The Z2 will now share the platform with the next generation of MINI Coupe and Roadster. The Z2 might be rechristened Z1.

The Z2 effectively beckons the return of the Z3. With the next Z4 moving to become the Z5. Z3 is something BMW are wanting to return to because the name was hugely popular when the car was launched in 1995 , despite its ancient platform and mechanicals. Customers in droves bought the new Z3 and in certain parts of the world , Z3 waiting lists were up to two years long.

The Z3 name has always been earmarked for return.