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Originally Posted by pyrat View Post
OMG you are right, I checked the Mazda website because I was in disbelief. The Mazda Miata is rear-wheel drive. Mazda didn't shy away from RWD because the car has only a 4-cyl, they didn't shy away because probably 1/2 of its customers think it is FWD (BMW has this idea that they shouldn't develop RWD 1 and Z2 series because most owners are unaware according to surveys).

The truth is that Mazda had the conviction to make this car RWD regardless of development costs because that is the best way to make it perform - best way to keep its fan base.

BMW should too.

might have to pull your " CAR GUY" card for not knowing that the Miata is RWD. it's been out for just a LITTLE while..