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So leaving today for the vacation I've been ranting about long enough. Also of interest we had one of our VP's at work put their notice in this past Monday. I've worked with the guy for 21 years through 2 companies.

I left a nice 5 page report with my boss (President) yesterday with a summary of how I am supposedly next in line with salary surveys and supporting data......but took a neutral stance in all of it. But the VP that is leaving and I have virtually turned the company around in the last 6 year's, and I implemented an idea/process about 5 years ago that's saved the company slightly over $200K a year since it was put in place. Also I'm working on a project that has saved the company about $23K per month since the start of it 5 months ago. And it isn't even in my department.

He called me almost every 30 minutes yesterday checking on me as he heard through the "grapevine" I had two job offers out of the Blue in the last 9-10 days, although he didn't let on he knew. The VP walking out the door told him that unless he did something, he would probably lose me. He was VP of technology while I'm a lowly plant engineering manager. Plus one of the job offers is with the VP as it's back at a place we worked at in the past before the company sold.

He said he wants to discuss my future with the company when I get back. At this point I don't care even if the owner is flying up that week.

However it does mean a 30%+ salary increase and restructured bonus program. But I'm the type that feels like things happen when they are supposed I'm just going to enjoy my vacation.

So let's get to that. This is a picture from my last workout. Ended up at 192 lbs which is about 10 lbs heavier than last year when we left. Last year I went really low, and depleted myself. I'm a lot fuller this time around. This is also when I was low on carbs, so I have more filling out to do!

Can't wait to hit the beach!
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