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Thanks for posting that. Of course, this far in advance, some of these details may not be spot on, but I'm sure some of what's here will come to pass. Automobile actually published a similar article a few years ago, and some of the vehicles they predicted then are not on this list. I would expect a future version of this article to yield similar revisions.

One thing that stuck out as interesting is the two-speed transmission. I have seen other recent articles about some future EVs using two-speed transmissions. Although this adds complexity - a single speed step down gearbox is much simpler than a multi-speed gearbox - it will allow for a better compromise between efficiency and top speed.
My pleasure.

What jumped out at me is this:

"Although details are still sketchy, we hear that BMW M is zooming in on 500V charging with a possible 800V upgrade by 2023, which would reduce the charge time of a large battery to less than 20 minutes. "

What range anxiety?

P.S. What happened to your quadruple clutch super rare M3? :P
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