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Originally Posted by SteveinArizona View Post
It would help to have more information about your usage and desires. You want fast but is that instant torque or highway passing or both? Do you care about MPG? Wil your neighbors complain if you start it up in the AM and its loud? What about interior? What about info system (if you care)? etc. What is your maximum cost (use purchase cost although you may be leasing but purchase price will make it easier to compare). The more information you give us about your desires and usage, the better we can assist you.
I said it'll bemy daily just like the HC is. CLearly I don't care about MPG or people complaining, I DD a HC!!!

Must have at least good stereo, heated seats & leather. Still having cooled seats would be great too.

Again, same $ range as my buy $ so in the $50k area.

Guys, read the post lol
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