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Originally Posted by vreihen16 View Post
The Chinese have the world over a barrel with rare-earth elements, with demand increasing as electric vehicle production uses more every year. There is also ample uranium, gold, diamonds, lead, zinc, and other stuff there for anyone who wants to overcome the logistics of operating in a harsh/remote environment that is somewhat similar to Alaska when we bought it from Russia.
Here's a USGS document on the minerals of Denmark and Greenland:

With businesses already looking at the logistics of mining asteroids in space, the idea of mining in Greenland isn't as crazy as one would think.....

If I were to look for evidence that a particular town or city is booming, I wouldn't take that town or city's Chamber of Commerce website as evidence of any boom.

Think about this... Greenland has been a money loosing proposition for Denmark ever since it became part of the Kingdom of Denmark. The later has to contribute $$ to Greenland's national operating budget every year. It's an undisputed fact that if Greenland were to declare independence, it would not be able to survive on its own.
Why, if it has so much resource to be mined (supposedly easily enough to not generate negative revenue)?