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Originally Posted by MPBK View Post
Please provide evidence that Greenland has enough minerals and raw materials worth exploring.
The Chinese have the world over a barrel with rare-earth elements, with demand increasing as electric vehicle production uses more every year. There is also ample uranium, gold, diamonds, lead, zinc, and other stuff there for anyone who wants to overcome the logistics of operating in a harsh/remote environment that is somewhat similar to Alaska when we bought it from Russia.

Greenland Minerals and Energy Ltd. (GMEL) of Australia has claimed that it has access to what could potentially be the world’s largest rare-earth elements deposit. Kvanefjeld is home to one such deposit. Radiometric and magnetic surveys conducted by mining giant NunaMinerals showed that its Qeqertaasaq and Tikiusaaq license areas are rich in carbonatite dykes rich in rare earths.
Angel Mining is set to continue exploration and development initiatives to reopen the Black Angel mine to unearth lead and zinc. Ironbark Zinc reports that its Citronen project has a reserve of 4.5 billion Mt of lead and zinc ore.
Recently, Greenland has lifted its decades-old ban on mining of uranium, giving in to the pressure by mining companies. Experts believe that uranium will be a huge income generator for the country’s struggling economy, as it has vast uranium reserves. In 2010, Greenland Minerals and Energy (GME), an Australia- based company, became the first company to be granted permission to include radioactive elements in its exploration phase. This amendment will also allow Ram Resources Ltd. of Australia’s Motzfeldt projects and Greenland Mineral’s Kvanefjeld to proceed with thorium and uranium exploration in the mineralized zone.
Here's a USGS document on the minerals of Denmark and Greenland:

With businesses already looking at the logistics of mining asteroids in space, the idea of mining in Greenland isn't as crazy as one would think.....
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