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Originally Posted by LatinBimmer View Post
Retrofit that option maybe is around 2,000 USD ... I also thought it was just a software restriction...but it's hardware related. I bought the Y cable from this seller
it worked perfect with my iPhone 4 (be careful where you buy this cable because it has a chip inside, if don't, it doesn't work). If you want to buy from a dealer, it maybe cost 90 USD.

I am waiting for my adapter next week.
Hi LatinBimmer,

I have just received my cable from the the ebay seller that you recommended. I have tried it in my car via the official apple Lightning to 30pin adapter cable (same as the stubby connector but with some cable between both ends) and it doesnt seem to be recognised by the car. my phone switches repeatedly between charging and not charging and i cannot access any of the music on my iDrive. I then tried my friends iPhone 4s using just the supplied cable and it worked perfectly. Has anyone else managed to get a 'copy' lead to work with a lightning converter? Or is everyone using official BMW leads? Would be really interested to know what works for people, as im fearing that i will have to handover all of my money to BMW for one of their official leads now maybe the chip in the official lead copes with the digital/analogue conversion that is needed to work with an iPhone 5.