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Thanks LatinBimmer,

that clears up alot and is kinda as expected, ah well i guess im one with the rest of you with that useless button on the steering wheel

i guess that if i purchase the y cable and the lightning adapter that should get me what i want. Shame it wont have the album covers etc... Does anyone know if these 'minor' options can be retrofitted by a dealer, with mebe a firmware flash: surely there cant be any hardware requirements?!

I also agree with your comment about the extra costs to get anything, as my partner says; your literally getting 4 wheels, an engine and a steering wheel for your money - although a very very good driving experience, so i guess something has to be forfitted for the cost. I'd be quite keen to get some retrofits mind, didnt have any choice from factory so i had to go with a stock car.

Where have you guys purchased your y-cables from and how much did you pay? Its a shame the usb lead doesnt just work tho.