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Originally Posted by Ozolz View Post
I have the media dock for Iphone 4 and it is seriously over priced for how little functionality it adds. I regret getting BMW Apps option and the dock totally.

The "functionality" you get with the dock is:

- BMW Connected App (if you have bmw apps option). This is a waste of money as it gets old after a few weeks and you will never use it again. Mostly because the "apps" are very limited and VERY un-user friendly. You don't want to spend 2-3 min every time you get in the car to get it going before you can drive off.

- Power charging (this you get with the normal USB connection anyway)

- Play songs you have on the iPhone, controlling them thru iDrive (you get this with the standard USB too)

(Let me know if I have missed some function please. )

In conclusion, this is the most pointless thing you can get for the 1-series. I wish I could sell my media dock for iPhone 4, but i doubt anyone wants to buy it....

So I hope the iphone 5 dock gets some useful user friendly features, if not then save your money and use the standard USB-plug.
Thanks for that Ozolz. So is the dock something that you **can** purchase seperately, or does it have to be a factory option? Sounds like the usb is the way to go tho, what functionality do you get by just using bluetooth: Infact, does anyone know what the generic bluetooth functionality is with iDrive irrespective of phone? Have never had bluetooth handsfree before, so this will be new to me once my F20 arrives; also in the process of choosing a new phone so its nice to know the options!