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Originally Posted by Nadav View Post
Well, how is it feels? (Have u done maybe some dyno testing?)
How much did you pay for it ? (If you don't mind im asking).
And , did you get at some authorized Hartge dealer at your country (Greece) ?
Here are the answers:

1. I installed the tuning box in my 116i, only for a few weeks, to test the box and have some feedback. The Hratge dealer in Greece is a member of the BMW forum in Greece (in which I am a moderator), so I did it as a favour to him and also I was curious to see how the car feels. Here is my review:

The car felt like I was driving a 118i...the difference is noticable mainly on higher speeds and acceleration for example from 100km/h to 180km/h. The car definetely felt faster. I have not done any dyno, but we did the following:
- Tested with another 116i (same configuration as my car) and I was faster from 60km/h to 160km/h
- Hooked it up to a portable diagnostic while we sere driving. Max boost with out the box was 0.5bar, and with the box it was 0.79bar.
- Took some acceleration readings with a vBox (GPS system that measures acceleration) and in various acceleration readings the car with the box was between 1'' to 4.5'' faster (we did not perform the 80-180km/h).

2. I did not pay, as I have not installed it (now it is out of the car). The RRP in Greece is 1.500 Euro....I do not know the price in other European countries.

3. Yes. There is only one authorized Hartge dealer in Greece ( and I went there.
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