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Originally Posted by EmilioB View Post
Hi all,

So for the last few weeks I've been scouring the internet for answers in regards to moving an ENTRYNAV unit with 606 enabled (from a 218d production date 07/14) into a 120d that also has an ENTRYNAV unit, without NAV, (production date 06/15).

I would still like access to the ConnectedDrive facilities of the no NAV unit, but with access to the older ENTRYNAV unit that has 606 enabled.

I'm finding conflicting information regarding whether or not it's possible without the use of an emulator (thus losing all ConnectedDrive features), or mixing and matching the newer FSC certs from the no NAV unit, over to the older 606 unit that already has the 606 FSC cert present.

Am I thinking the solution would be to physically replace the no NAV unit with the 606 ENTYRNAV (and the GPS antenna), VO code the 606 unit to the 120d so no emulator is needed, then moving the FSC certs from the no NAV unit over to the 606 unit, so the vehicle assumes it originally came with 606, thus maintaining the ConnectedDrive features and gaining NAV?

I know it's a really minor thing to have, but I've got a 7 button iDrive controller that I'd like to use too, that originally came with the 606 unit. (I've been using the 606 unit in my 118d via an emulator, but the 7 button iDrive controller is KCAN2 and my 118d is KCAN1, so I decided to just continue using the 5 button no NAV controller to avoid splicing wires.

Of course that's just my theory, but I'm not sure if it's possible to mix and match FSC's.

Any guidance/assistance on the matter would be massively helpful, thanks for your time!
Hi, so youre saying that you have retrofitted the ENTRYNAV with nav but cannot activate the nav and connected drive function rigght?

if that's the case, i think i can generate the fsc code to make the nav and CD active. pm me the details.

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