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Your images aren't visible to me, so I can't tell what model iPod you're using. However, your set up is pretty much the same as mine. I have connected my iPhone via Bluetooth, ensuring it functions for both telephone and for audio streaming. That way, I can play my iTunes music, podcasts, Rdio, Spotify, Pandora, TuneIn radio etc via the phone, which is selected as an "External device" when I press the "Media" button on iDrive.

I have two old iPods, which I have attached via the USB connector. These work reasonably well, although a common issue is that while the iPod's charge via the USB, sometimes they won't "wake up" on starting. To get over that issue, I have a 64Gb USB stick, which I've filled with playlists and music, and have that permanently in the USB port. I can select this when I have particular playlists in mind, or use the iPhone connected via BT when I wish to use the media apps on that.

Obviously, I quite like the idea of Apple CarPlay, but it seems BMW isn't going to play that game ?

Edit: obviously, you need to ensure the BT software in your car is up to date.
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