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Exclamation BMW connective issue

Hello everyone,

My first post, and I come to you all with a slight problem, or maybe Iím just not doing something right (probably that one! ).

So I bought a BMW about 6 months ago, I really donít drive the car much and I havenít been able to properly get to grips with the car and all the tech it has to offer. The car is a 2013 (63) Registration BMW M135i with the connected drive and full navigation options etc., it has Bluetooth for the phone as well.

I am embarking on a few road trips at the end of this year, and Iím starting to get prepared and make sure that my music will work on the long journeys!

So Iíve connected my phone to Bluetooth, and my iPhone 6S plugs into the usb cable, charged and data transfers over to the car, so I can play my Spotify albums etc. However, my issue is that when I do the exact same thing with my iPod (image of iPod model, bought circa 2013 with lightning cable for charging etc.) the iPod charges, but then after trying to connect to the system, it states that the iPod is ĎNot Supportedí (images to show ). Iím slightly confused as why this may be, as I previously until recently had an iPhone 5S, which connected no problem, and to be honest, the iPod is pretty new!

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(three photos)

Can anyone shed any light on this, and if they are experiencing the same, or whether I need to try doing something differently?

Look forward to your suggestions!

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