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Originally Posted by Thunderguts View Post
Great write-up.

I'm trying to justify the price of a lift to myself (and the wife). I have a high-lift jack that will do 24" of lift. I can drop a differential by putting the car on 12" risers or tall jack stands. I don't know if I could fully drop the transmission or not, but I think I could.

My main issue is a very narrow garage that would require me to move the posts when not in use. I'm guessing it would take nearly an hour to set it up and bolt everything down once I had it installed. I just wonder how often I'm going to want to do that. If I could leave it in place, it would be a no-brainer.
Nice! Having a 24" lift jack is better than nothing.

I was also concerned about how much area it would take up because I have a 2 car garage, and still want to use the other stall. With the 90* fittings installed at the base of the posts and a narrow install, you'll be fine. But if you want to take them down and store them away everytime, it should only take 15 minutes to roll them out, tighten 5 bolts each, and slide on the quick-disconnect fittings. The most time consuming part of it was assembling everything, drilling the holes and setting the anchors. After that, it goes really fast.

Originally Posted by SFCM3 View Post

looks like it allows a good amount of space underneath the car to work. To me anything is better than laying on your back straining your neck to work on a car!
Thanks! And that's exactly my thoughts. Some people online say it must suck because you can't stand. But honestly, the rolling sitting creeper is great and anything is better than getting on my knees, jacking it up, and then rolling around. I love it so far!
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