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WHOLEHEARTEDLY agree The HACK! And I’ve used the same cold dead fingers phrase whenever selling it gets brought up by someone:

The F80 pictured is the 2nd one I’ve had and I LOVE it but, if something came up and I had to sell one of those two... it’d be bye bye F80.


OP, I think the M2 is a pretty exciting car to drive (and not just the 19 competition). I also think Boxsters/Caymans are cool (I have a ‘97). There is nothing like having the engine behind you and that very much adds to the driving excitement factor.

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Nothing you can possibly get will feel remotely exciting, period.

I got a new Corvette Grand Sport, and frankly if I’m not tearing up the race track it’s not THAT special. Sure 460 HP on a 3,400 frame goes like stink in a straight line, and the magnetic shocks and Cup 2 tires coupled with low center of gravity thanks to old school push-rod V8 means it’ll out grip and out corner everything on the road short of uber exotics.

But driving it outside of the track environment, it’s BORING as all hell.

Now, DON’T GET ME WRONG. The Corvette is an insane amount of car. But like ALL high performance vehicles made in the last 10 years or so, you can’t remotely come close to where the limit of adhesion is, at least, not safely, anywhere outside of a track environment. And while I do get giddy as f**k driving the Grand Sport on track, as the grip, handling, and every measurables on this car is off the charts good, and seriously wood inducing, the second you drive it home from the track event you’re like “seriously? REALLY? This is all I can safely do?!”

Unlike the MZ4 Coupe I have in the garage too. It’s not nearly as fast as the Vette, but it is fun as heck ALL THE TIME. It’s ultimate level of grip comes fast and exploring the limits doesn’t mean a trip to the track. Any twisties and you can easily get up to 80-90% of the car’s handling limits, you can absolutely have a sh*t loads of fun, and while going to the track IS still more fun, the upper limits of what the chassis can and will do is well within the speed limits posted at most of the mountain roads nearby. And every corner you take at speed is instantly rewarded with a huge shot of adrenaline because of how much more closer you can come to the limit of adhesion, and how much the aural, visual, and tactile feedback tells you that you are Driving, not just driving.

That and if you listen carefully, you can almost hear the car taunting you (in a good way) as you drive. “Is that ALL you got? C’mon. We’ve got so much more to explore and so many roads untravelled. Let’s take the LONG way round shall we?”

But I digress. On the “street?” You can get a Ferrari 488 or even a Lamborghini SVJ and if you’re just going to point A from point B? There’s nothing exciting there except for the noise it makes and the whiplash you cause in 13 year old boys and 35 year old men driving a rice rocket. It’s boring as f**k, unless you’re turned on by the attention from 35 year old douches in a 5 year old WRX.

I guarantee you you will be bored with the Cayman S within 6 months.