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Originally Posted by cmyx6go View Post
I really know nothing about him. I've been googling around after seeing his speech. He's been on this since 2010.
i enjoyed him when he was on daily show and saw several live recordings. i could not watch the show since the new host took over however from reading and seeing what jon stewart does with his time now that he is off the air it really shows that his feet are as big as his mouth and he puts in the work his mouth does. it isn't just for show or ratings it is because he believes in the cause. "celebrities" like dicaprio or the like who complain about global warming but then travel by private jet, yacht, own outlandish homes with multiple cars and have carbon footprints several hundred times larger than the average are just a bunch of hypocrites. same with the "celebrities" who talk about the wealthy but do not give their wealth or are the ones doing charity work and "helping" when cameras are present and then go off into their elitist bubbles afterward.