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Originally Posted by jonaliew View Post
Well Karim did the F30 as well. He is now BMW head of exterior design. Let's hope he will be able to bring back some love to a lot of stuff.

I know there are calls of ugliness compared to the A class. Yes it's true base of 2013 A class it has better looks. Franky I would have waited to try it but I am happy with my F20.

BMW new designs are something that will grow on people (like it or not). I still don't like the ergonomics of the Merc. Ie the display and user interface. I think BMW have done better in that sense.
I had the honor of recently interviewing him as well. He is a great guy and has a passion for cars- we joked about his trip to MB. He confirmed a 4GC to me and a few other things.... that and he has an old Alpha as a collectors piece and source of inspiration I'd link but then I'd get a slap on the wrists here.