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Originally Posted by mkoesel View Post
It seems quite plausible to me that the only N55-powered F2x offerings will be the ///M*35i. I'll bet that a business case for three distinct 300hp to ~350hp vehicles in this segment would be tough to make. It's unnecessary and will just raise costs needlessly.
You are right about the power proximity that would then exist within the 2er range, but will BMW just replace the M Sport 306ps 235i with a more expensive 320ps ///M235i? If yes, then indeed the -35i suffix will be free to use on the ///M135i and ///M235i instead of the -40i.

But there would still be a confusion between the 335i and the ///M335i : the latter has more power and is more upmarket yet it sounds too much like the 335i. On top of that, the ///M3..i should get 340ps (not 320ps like the ///M1..i) in order to fight the Audi S4 and to create a power gap with the 306ps, so ///M340i makes more sense to me than ///M335i. But for the 1er/2er you are probably right.