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Originally Posted by ron_jeremy View Post
Have you ever driven a mini?

Besides, this is indented for people who like the brand, maybe they have an X or a 5 series as a start, and needs something for the wife, or as a city car?
These potential buyers of these segment is not that hardcore RWD enthusiast, they do not take theyr cars to nurnburgring for instance.
Hell 80% of the 1 series owners thought they allready had a FWD car.
It is cheaper to manufactor, and it makes it more spaceious.
Besides, who wants to lat all theyr eggs in one basket?
Just look at Porsche, they have VAG diesel's in theyr cars these days...
Agreed! I think this is a good thing for all of us. If BMW can make a ton of money by making a car that is cheap to manufacture and is sold to people who don't care about FWD or RWD, then it leaves them with plenty of R&D resources to make cars for the "hard core enthusiasts"
(And lots of money for their shareholders of course, which is a good thing too)