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I dont think it would have changed *their* opinion much but I hate when these reviews dont use the manual transmission while reviewing the M2 comp (Chris Harris' review as well). Both of these guys clearly state they wished it was a manual. It's not impossible to find and it elevates the experience in that car dramatically imo. You can see these guys are just cruising because what I believe to be a lack of involvment. 2cents from an M2C manual owner. Also I think one version of an e92 must be in the discussion.
From their commentary, the SMG was the biggest thing they disliked in the CSL-- in fact, they said it would be improved with the trans from the M2C.

... I'd want a manual in either, as well.
While a stick might seam like the logical choice.

The M-DCT is IMO the best match for a turbo engine.

The DCT holds boost between shifts unlike the 6 speed transmission.