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Originally Posted by mkoesel View Post
I wonder how sure we are that this is not powered by a 4 cylinder. Just thinking out loud here. The one thing that makes me wonder is that, apparently, the additional engine options being added to the 1 series lineup for April do not include a 240hp N20 128i. Instead, the top gasoline offering will reportedly be a 215hp N20 125i. If this turns out to be the case (Jason - any official info on this yet?), then it has me wondering what they could be saving the top-spec N20 for? It seems at least plausible that it could be for an ///M130i model, with an N20 bumped up to 255hp or so (or maybe just the 240hp version). This would actually make sense, given the outgoing 1 series hatchback featured a 130i with a ~260hp N52 as the top end model - no N54 or N55 powered E8x hatchback was available.
A smart remark. The N20 is gradually replacing all previous naturally aspirated inline-6 while keeping same power level, and since the previous 330i for instance delivered 272ps, the next 130i, 330i and 530i should all get the N20 at 272ps. So a 272ps ///M130i xDrive does make sense indeed since its designated rival Audi S3 currently offers 265ps. However 2 round separated exhausts usually mean inline-6...

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