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Y'know what? I ain't got an issue with FWD, none of my F20's or F30's were on par handling wise with my Focus ST.. Ain't bad but not there.!

You could feel the centre of gravity shift as the car locked to the floor with amazing grip, having a sensation of G's pulling on your neck at relatively low speeds dependant on the corner angle. I had complete confidence in it at all times and has become the handling benchmark for me.!

What I didn't like about that car is how they cheaped out on everything else, in damp conditions the front tires would spin / hop / bang without trying hard at all. The ride was rough, it tram lined often and it could of been avoided with a decent multi-link. I've had cars that handle well AND they're composed on bad roads..

If this is supposed to be a "premium" product, the "ultimate driving machine" then it has to be done properly. Anything over 210HP? It needs a decent limited slip diff, whilst the back end slipping out on a RWD can be fun it's just infuriating on a FWD car..

If their end goal is an over priced rebranded Citroen like car with a plush interior? Nah, no chance.!

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