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Originally Posted by Tallest View Post
If it is FWD then expect proportions to change. Longer overhang on the front, to fit all that in, and short overhang on the rear. Think A class etc. I reckon if that happens the uniqueness of the outgoing car will be even more of a highlight. I always liked the original 130i and as I get a little over mid 30s the 3 and 5 series become a bit much for me. Im thinking of going back to small car, and this current 140i might be ticket... not exctited about FWD platform as have driven the FWD X1 loaner and it was garbage...
actually, no, proportions are going to shrink front hood, as engines from now on will be 3cyl amd 4cyl engine with different position than now, no more longitudinal engines, from now it will be transverse mounted engines

i wonder other thing, if they have plan to offer AWD cars, will they go back to longitudinal engine, or what? this question goes under assumption of AWD option exist, and if thay plan to offer 6cyl engine in m135i or m140i