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Arrow 1Addicts experience the most scenic roads in Europe: Lake Garda-Strada della Forra...

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This summer a small group of European BMW 1Addicts entered the Lake Garda area in Northern Italy during the Garda 1.0 (Curves Galore) event to experience some of the most-beautiful roads in Europe.

Main driving day was a dry autumn Saturday (nice 20C) . In the morning the group split up into the early-birds and the more comfortable ones. I can tell about the comfortable but scenic*** part...
(Perhaps Artemis can tell about the brillant passes the early birds entered this autumn saturday morning...)

After visiting Limone sul Garda (see Dackelone's photos) we entered the first highlight of the day:

1st stop: Strada della Forra
Strada della Forra (The Gorge Road) is known as one the most dangerous and scenic roads in the world - a nail biting adventure even for the well practiced driver.

The legendary road which is yearly part of the Mille Miglia is located in the province of Brescia, in Lombardy, on the western shore of Lake Garda, in Italy.

It leads from Pieve di Tremosine through the sharp and curvy Brasa canyon towards the Gardesana.

Google Earth Flight Overview

Named as the most beautiful road in the world by the Frankfurter Zeitung 1913 and called as the 8. world wonder by Winston Churchill once, today nearly every prominent car manufacturer already staged its models on this dream road.

Furthermore it is seen in numerous film sequences for example in the opening scene of the James Bond movie "Quantum of Solace" in one of the most intense and spectacular action car chases ever. Seven Aston Martin DB9s were totaled during the filming...

Total distance: 6 km
Drive time: 18 min including 12 min of dead lock due to oncoming traffic on the extremely narrow parts

The driving videos can give you just little imagination about the beauty and thrill of these few miles.

James Bond dream road Strada della Forra

Limone sul Garda - Strada della Forra - Gargnano

Thanks for watching!

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