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Ok chaps.

Since you asked for it I'll try and layout all my mods and the respective gains achieved at each stage. Obviously these weren't all tested on the same rolling road and on the same day and the car will have loosened up over time but hopefully it should give all those interested an insight into what's possible. These numbers are all backed up by dyno plots, most of which I was present for...Please don't shoot the messenger or start a dyno flame-war; we all know how unreliable a lot of dyno data can be... :roll:

0. Stock; 322 hp, 334 ftlb

1. Scorpion catback exhaust to replace OEM system; 334 hp, 340 ftlb

2. Scorpion decat DP added to TBE above; 342 hp, 358 ftlb

3. JB4 Map 2 added to above; 378 hp, 440 ftlb

4. Forge FMIC and BOV added, dropped IAT from 60 degC to 30 degC; 394 hp, 450 ftlb

5. ???? :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
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