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Originally Posted by he3at View Post
AU $65k base for M135i
AU $80k base for M235i

Agreed it's not logical, but then some might find it worthwhile for the looks alone. Not sure if you get any additional standard equipment on the 2-er.
The M135i has been labelled the performance bargain of the year. Maybe BMW priced it a little too aggressively, certainly vs. Audi and Mercedes. Its been flying off showroom floors so I guess this is their response.

Originally Posted by he3at View Post
Same reason why I was happy to go with the 1-series in black.

Case in point: I had them parked side by side as shown in the photo. Had two people passing by who wanted to crawl through and check out the M235i. The M135i was ignored. Or maybe it's the Estoril Blue colour...
M135i has already been around for quite a while whereas the M235i is brand new.